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Tax Preparation in Johnson City, TN

Kingsport CPA, PC offers tax planning and preparation throughout Johnson City and Washington County for individuals, businesses, and non-profit organizations.

Get Expert Tax Help from Kingsport CPA, PC

Don’t let tax season sneak up on you ever again. Bring your tax situation to Kingsport CPA, PC for strategic planning throughout the year and reliable preparation of your yearly tax returns.

Whether you just need to file your yearly taxes, own a small business, and need help figuring out all the regulations, or have a non-profit that needs guidance on tax exemptions, we’re here to help.

We offer up-front, fixed pricing instead of hourly rates to serve individuals, businesses, and non-profit organizations better. These set prices mean we provide ongoing access to the accounting services you need without additional fees.

Tax Prep for Individuals 

Our tax pros are equipped to handle all your tax matters, from tax laws, deductions or credits, and local tax regulations. We can help you take advantage of every possible deduction and expense to mitigate your tax burden.

We can help with a variety of common issues that affect your taxes, such as: 

  • Life events such as births, deaths, marriage, divorce, disabilities, disasters, job loss, and more
  • Capital gains and losses
  • Home sales
  • Divisions of property
  • Gambling profit and loss
  • Support agreements
  • Health savings accounts
  • Education
  • Moving states
  • And more

You may wonder if hiring a tax professional or just doing them yourself is easier. Ask yourself the following questions to help you gauge which option is better for you: 

  • Do I need help to complete my taxes each year?
  • Do I fully understand the tax preparation process?
  • Do I owe personal income taxes this year?
  • Am I sure I’m not paying too much in taxes?
  • Could I use some breaks in my taxes this year?

If you’re unsure of the answer to these questions, it might be time to call the tax pros at Kingsport CPA, PC. Our trained experts will help you with your income tax needs.


Small Business Tax Preparation 

You stay busy keeping your small business running. However, staying on top of your tax responsibilities can be a headache if you’re not well-versed in the rules and regulations. 


Kingsport CPA, PC can help with a wide variety of issues that may affect your business’s taxes, such as:

  • Self-employment tax obligations
  • Deducting business expenses
  • Excise taxes
  • Business tax credits
  • Starting and/or closing a business
  • What type of business entity to establish
  • Paying independent contractors
  • Forms 940, 941 or 944


We encourage you to think through these questions as you weigh your options for help with your business taxes: 

  • Am I sure I’m getting all the breaks possible in my business taxes this year?
  • Will I owe income taxes for my business this year?
  • Will any acquisitions or mergers affect my taxes this year?
  • Could I use some breaks in my business taxes this year?


Whether you own a small business or a larger corporation, the tax professionals at Kingsport CPA, PC can help you figure out everything you need about business taxes. 


Taxes for Not-for-Profit Organizations

You stay busy serving the community’s needs through your non-profit organizations.


Let Kingsport CPA, PC help keep your non-profit taxes up to standards. We offer expertise in tax issues affecting not-for-profit organizations such as: 

  • 501(c)(3) requirements
  • Fundraising income and expenses
  • Unrelated business income tax requirements
  • Exemption requirements
  • 990 forms and schedules
  • Field & correspondence audits
  • Employment taxes
  • Charitable contributions


Your organization should ask the following questions to determine if you need help with your organization’s tax situation: 

  • Do you understand the ins and outs of non-profit taxes?
  • How does your non-profit handle payroll taxes?
  • Do you struggle with reporting donations and other benefits to your non-profit each year?
  • Does your tax preparer specialize in tax planning and preparation for non-profits?


Operating a non-profit organization becomes more complicated each year, and the regulations are constantly changing. Call Kingsport CPA, PC for help with your non-profit organization’s taxes today!

What are the Deadlines for Tax Preparation in Johnson City?

Everyone is familiar with the traditional April 15 filing date, but tax preparation includes much more than filing and sending your taxes in by that dreaded date. A strategic plan can save you money and keep your tax payments up-to-date all year.


Now is the perfect time to get a handle on your tax preparation in Johnson City—for this year and throughout the future. Our experienced team can help you organize, streamline, and stay current on your tax planning and payments so the tax preparation process is less of a burden.

Additional Accounting Services

Need help with other financial services besides taxes? We offer a variety of accounting, tax, and advisory services to our clients to clients in Johnson City and beyond.


We help with all your tax planning and prep, so you don’t have to stress when tax season rolls around.

Small Businesses

We focus on your business accounting needs so you can focus on your customers.

Not-For-Profit Organizations

We keep your organization’s accounting in order so you can continue serving the needs of your community.

Get help with all your tax prep needs in Johnson City today.

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