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We offer a full range of accounting services for individuals, not-for-profit-organizations, small businesses and more. View our services and talk to an expert about your accounting needs today.
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  • Preparation of federal and state income tax returns for individuals, partnerships, corporations, limited liability companies, not-for-profit entities, and estates and trusts; (See our Tax Preparation Kingsport TN Page)
  • Consulting related to choice of entity;
  • Sales and Payroll tax returns;
  • Tax planning on a predetermined basis or as new situations arise;
  • Local taxes, such as business tax license and tangible personal property tax schedules.
  • Check writing services;
  • Payroll and direct deposit preparation;
  • Bank, credit card, and other account reconciliations;
  • Customized management reports;
  • Support for QuickBooks and other accounting packages.
  • Preparation, compilation, review, or audit of annual or interim financial statements;
  • Construction contractor statements and preparation of contract schedules;
  • Audits of not-for-profit entities
  • Audits of special purpose governments (water districts, 911 districts, municipal airports)
  • Audits of entities subject to Government, Single Audit, or HUD auditing standards;
  • Consulting related to internal control and procedures;

Our commitment to offering relevant services and overall value to you as a customer is our #1 priority.

With that in mind, we have implemented the latest technologies to efficiently and securely transfer information electronically to minimize unnecessary trips to the office.
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Convenient and Secure

We now have the ability to safely and securely provide you with some services right from the comfort of your own home (or office). We work around your schedule, not the other way around. Contact our team today to learn more about these safe and convenient services.

For those that need assistance compiling their information, such as from QuickBooks or other accounting softwares, we can remote in to make adjustments, provide training, and/or generate reports. It’s like having a virtual CFO or personal accountant available to assist you along the way.

Additionally, tax and other forms can be signed electronically eliminating the need to return scanned forms or hard copies to the office. The e-signature used fully complies with all related IRS mandates.

What Services Do I Need?

Each of our accounting services act as individual parts of a comprehensive solution designed to assist you in reaching your business goals. To determine what type of services you need, first ask yourself the question: “What do I need, expect, and desire from my relationship with an accountant?” These other questions will also help you determine what services you may need:
  • What is most important to me as these services are performed?
  • What are the 20% of the accounting, tax, or bookkeeping issues that seem to consume 80% of my efforts?
  • What information would be the most relevant to making my day-to-day operations more efficient and effective?
  • How can I achieve my long-term goals?
The answers to these questions will change from time to time, especially as your business grows and is faced with new situations or challenges. You may need some services on a short term basis, while others may require ongoing services from a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.
Kingsport CPA, PC is committed to offering relevant accounting services and providing value to your business. Talk to an expert today to discuss your accounting needs.